About Captain's Quarters

Since the opening of The Grass Skirt in 2016, owner Matt Spencer has always felt a pull toward the intimate space located just next door. With The Grass Skirt’s propensity towards fantasy, it seemed only fitting that there would one day be a complimentary, sister venue, just as whimsical. As the space became available in 2022, Spencer jumped on the chance to create a refined cocktail bar and the concept for Captain’s Quarters was born. Inspired by the literal “captain’s quarters” of 17th-century ships, this new bar will transport guests to a luxurious and moody adventure on the high seas. Utilizing the same designer as The Grass Skirt, Davis Ink has taken on the task of transforming the bar into a lavish step back in time, complete with stunning details and visual surprises.

It is said that during the reign of such infamous behemoths as “Queen Anne’s Revenge” the Captain’s of these great ships would drink gin to stave off sea-born illnesses. Thus, Captain’s Quarters will feature a star cocktail list devoted to various explorations in gin cocktails. For non-gin lovers, i.e.” The Crew”, Beverage Director, Eric Johnson has put his innovative twist on various cocktails concocted with Rum, Mezcal, Bourbon, Tequila, and Vodka as well as a small beer and wine selection. In addition to fine spirits, SDCM Executive Chef, Brian Redzikowski has put together an adventurous yet approachable menu which will range from elevated tidbits such as Smoked Salmon Poppers & Manchego-Prosciutto “Sandwiches” to more substantial fare including Mussels Escabeche and Beef Rioja.

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